Argumentative essays are one of the most commonly used and widely popular types of essays in the academic sphere. Argumentative essays can be defined as the ones in which the writer presents an argument related to the two sides of any particular issue. The pattern of argumentative essays prompts the writer to present both sides of the issue and highlight the positives, as well as, the negatives related to it in an equal manner. Students often turn to a write my essay for me service for assistance.


While writing an argumentative essay, the writer first focuses on his/her side of the argument and presents his opinion regarding the under-consideration topic. Later, the essay writer needs to elaborate his/her position with valid facts and figures. This allows the writer to outline the reasons and persuade the audience that his/her side of the argument is right and widely accepted.


The pattern that the argumentative essay follows includes an introduction, which would include the thesis statement and (if possible) a hook statement in order to grab the attention of the readers. Next follows the body of the argument which is used to outline the essential facts to support your side of the presented argument. If you need help, contact a college essay writing service


The essence of the argumentative essay lies in its counterargument where the writer describes the other side of the story and includes the claims of the opposing side. These arguments are also supported by adequate facts and statistics. In the end lies the conclusion of the essay, where the writer sums up all his points and (if necessary) presents a call to action and refers to his/her mentioned thesis once again.


It has been observed that some students find it difficult to follow such a pattern and fail to write a comprehensive and effective argumentative essay. However, the assistance of a quality thesis writing service could be attained in this matter which could make matters easy for the student and ensure that the above-mentioned essay writing pattern is being followed adequately.



Sample Essay


Social Media Causes More Harm Than Good




 With the prevalence of modernization in the contemporary world, the use of social media has significantly altered every sphere of our community. The impacts of social media on society have mostly remained positive: however, there is a faction among the community that argues that social media causes more harm than good. Focusing on the popularity of social media, it has been significantly intertwined in the daily affairs of the public and has surely affected the psychological and physical health of individuals in a myriad of ways.


Hence, it would be apposite to claim that the immense use of social media has become a primitive cause of depression, anxiety, social alienation, and self-harm among the youth of the world. You can also consult a legitimate paper writing service if need be.




With the inclusion of science and technology in the social sphere, social media has gained significant popularity, especially among the younger generations. However, social media is still new to us which makes us unaware of the damage that it can cause. According to the survey conducted by Pew research center, almost 97 percent of teens between the ages of 13 to 17 years old use at least one of the major social media platforms. Whereas the average teenager between 13 to 18 years spends almost nine hours on social media platforms, which has significantly raised the threat among adolescents and children.


The first issue related to social media is that of stress and depression. The research conducted by the Pew research centers highlights the fact that extensive social media use induces more anxiety and stress than it relieves. The conducted survey of almost 1800 people by the research center highlights that women are more stressed than their male counterparts.


Moreover, the study included in the journal of computer and human behavior found that people who report extreme use of social media applications generally have a high level of anxiety symptoms. While a similar survey involving almost 1600 people highlighted the fact that with the use of social media, the risk of depression multiplies.


Moreover, the issue of loneliness, envy, failed relationships, and sleep deprivation has also been brought to the fore. This proves that social media has become an anathema for the psychological well-being of individuals. You can also find support from a professional essay writer.



Counter Arguments

The proponents of social media argue that the issues that are being related to it, do not have any significant basis. On the contrary, social media has allowed people from different cultures and ethnicities to come together and interact with each other. It has not only immensely contributed to the social sphere but has also benefited the education of the children. In the contemporary era of pandemics, social media has allowed the children and the teachers to complete their educational work while remaining at their homes.




Scrutinizing both sides of the argument it becomes evident that as everything has two sides, social media can also have its pros and cons. However, it significantly depends upon the user as to how he/she decides to use it. Spending extensive time would surely result in the degradation of mental and physical health, as well as, alienation of the person from society.


The above-mentioned sample essay would surely allow the individual to comprehend the basic style and pattern of an argumentative essay. While learning the tips and techniques of writing, such samples have helped me to Write my essay in an adequate manner and I hope that it would surely assist you in the future as well. However, one thing is evident that once you have learned the art of argumentative essay writing, it would prove to be immensely helpful in your educational career.  



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